Archery Tip – DIY BackStop Safety

Archery Tip – DIY BackStop Safety

Safety is always important when shoot a bow and arrow. It becomes extremely important when your a backyard archer.
In this video I explain and show you how I built a backyard archery arrow backstop that is affordable and effective in stopping those missed shots.

Materials used to build the project.

1- 4×6 foot 3/4 inch thick horse mat from Tractor Supply Company.
3 – 10 foot long 1.5 inch thick schedule 40 pvc pipe
4 – 1.5 inch Tee Joints.
2 – 1.5 inch 90 deg joints

Cut and space pvc tubing and joints to match the size of the horse mat.
Drill holes evenly spaced to secure the mat with zip ties to the pvc tubing.
Stand upright and have fun!

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