Two-Strand Wall Knot Sinnet Paracord Lanyard

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Schmuckatelli Co.: http://www.schmuckatellico.comThe two-strand wall knot is knot #775 in ‘The Ashley Book of Knots’ (ABoK).

About 15 feet of #325 paracord was used to make the finished 2 foot long lanyard. You can use more or less to make a lanyard length to suit your own needs.

There is a short demo of tying the ‘snake knot’ after the two-strand wall knot sinnet lanyard is finished.

The Sabertooth and Spartan pewter lanyard beads were provided by Schmuckatelli Co.

I purchased the #325 cord from Hobby Lobby, and it can be found at other sellers as well on ebay, Amazon, and some vendors websites in a number of colors and some camo patterns.