Paracord Dog Leash with Multiple Uses

Paracord Dog Leash with Multiple Uses Including Dog Walking Leash, Dog Running Leash, Dog Leash Coupler, and Hands Free Leash Makes This Your Best Dog Leash Choice!

  • Our climbing rope dog leash is made in America and has many uses that traditional leashes do not have!
  • The leash has adjustable lengths, can be used as a leash coupler for two dogs, a dog running leash, a hands free leash, or as a log leash and harness set.
  • Our dog leashes are available in aqua, neon pink, and purple combinations.
  • To see matching collars, please visit us at:
Our leashes are made from 550 military grade parachute cord. Each strand of cord has tensile strength of 550 pounds, giving the leash a breaking strength upwards of 4000 pounds, making our leash the strongest on the market. Our paracord leashes are


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