Outdoor Survival Paracord Rope Bracelet with Magnesia Fire Starter

OmeGod Outdoor Survival Paracord Rope Bracelet with Magnesia Fire Starter Stainless Scraper and Whistle, 7-Strand Parachute Cord (Black)

  • Magnesia Rod helps you to be the real survival! Just rub the ROD to the scraper then you can get spark and fire, rubbing the wood to get fire now is a time-wasted job for the losers, not you the survival!
  • With the small scraper, you have no problems cutting the rattan, the meat, the rope and something you want to get help from. Do be careful to avoid injury.
  • A powerful whistle is really a must when in the wild, especially when you are weak and this whistle is good enough to raise the attention of your teammates a hundred miles away.
  • Make from 7-Strand Parachute Cord, this survival bracelet can be disassembled into a 137.8 inch rope which can stand up to 140 kg, about 308 lb.
  • This OmeGod® Outdoor Survival Paracord Rope Bracelet is a great ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other sports activities, a great convenient for all the survivals.
1*KIT contains:
1) Magnesia Rod (Fire Starter)
2) Stainless Steel Scrape
3) Whistle
4) 7-Strand Parachute Cord Rope

2*Length: about 137.8 in
3*Resistance: about 140 KG, 308 LB
4* Package: 1 of

List Price: $ 6.99 Price: $ 2.99