Paracord Yeti Handle – How To Make your Own In Under 10 Minutes

Paracord Yeti Handle – Download the entire Paracord Yeti Handle tutorial in 2 printables (this also works with any brand tumbler)

Get paracord at or at

You will need:
*4 sections of 8 feet of wild wolf paracord (if you are doing 2 colors ) for 32 feet total – if you are doing more or less colors you will have to do your own math 🙂
*Tape measure
*Yeti or other brand of tumbler

First step is to take 2 of the 8 foot strands, and we will use the 4 strand braid method to make the part that goes around the tumbler. Leave a small loop at the top for where we will join both ends of the braid.

Then we will just criss cross the colors back and forth…for instructions on how to do a round braid, you can go to our post here:

Continue the braid until you have 33 inches of braid.

Now we will join the ends with into the loop we left at the beginning.

We will cross the ends so that it is secure..the strand from the right goes through the loop and out the left..and vise versa for the other side.

Then pull tight and cut and burn the ends and secure them to the braid to make a large loop that should be 33 inches around.

Now we will need our tumbler so that we have the right size to hold it secure.

Start at the base of the tumbler for the smaller loop.

Now with the remaining 2 pieces of paracord, we will join those ends and begin our cobra stitch to form the handle. Go here to see our video on the cobra weave:

Do 2 or 3 cobra stitches, then pull the loop a little smaller…you will want the loop to just barely fit over the yeti to hold it secure.

Then continue the cobra stitch until you have both ends for the tumbler to the right size. It is ok to keep testing the size for a secure fit.

Once you have it where you want it, then for an even stronger handle, you can do another round of cobra stitching to make KING cobra.

When you are done, cut the ends, burn them and seal them to the handle.

Your paracord yeti handle is done and ready for use! Enjoy..and please share this project with a friend!

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Paracord Yeti Handle

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