How To Tie A Paracord Cobra Knot

Paracord Cobra Knot

The cobra knot is a weave that you will definitely want to know and master. I use this weave on most projects, the other weave I use is the 4 straid braid found here –

We have also provided a template you can print on our website at the link above.

To do this weave it takes 2 strands melted together or 1 strand folded in half.

1. You start with 1 strand (yellow) and make a P shape (loop) and then cross over the other strand (urban camo).

2. The urban camo then goes over the yellow strand and through the P shape loop.

3. Pull both ends until you have a tight knot.

4. Then repeat on the opposite side..NOTE: if you are using 2 colors, the same color will always make the P shape loop.

Just continue with these steps.

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Paracord Cobra Knot

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