Wood Burner & Paracord Tip

Great Tip on how to use a wood burner to cut and sing paracord. This is a lot easier than cutting and using a lighter.

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I don’t prep in case of a grid shut down, a zombie apocalypse, or a world wide medical out break. I prep for the smaller every day events that happen to all of us. And I like to go camping in the woods with my boys and see if we can make it on just what we brought in.

What I realized years ago is that I’m lazy. What does that mean? I do the things I HAVE to do, so that I can do the things I WANT to do. It means that I prefer to do things right the first time. I’ll do all the research, planning, and work necessary before a situation arises so that when it does, I’m prepared and can handle it.

I’ve been a prepper for probably 40 years. Did I know I was a prepper? Nope. I just did things in a methodical manner in order to be prepared. I acquired the tools and the knowledge that I needed at the time to be ready for stuff that happened.

– I’m married and have two sons. They are 15 and 11.
– I live in Michigan, in the country outside a small town, but within 10 miles of a large town.
– I’m 6′ 4” tall and weighs 235 lbs. The reason I’m telling you this is because some items may look small in the videos and because I don’t fit in most products available. Tents, sleeping bags, bevies, etc. I wanna give you the opinion of a large man.
– I’m a Veteran. I served 4 years U.S. Army and did a tour in Operation Desert Storm. I was a Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. I served at Ft. Bliss, TX and Germany.
– I’m Self Employed. I’ve ran several small businesses since 1992.

I hope you enjoy the Lazy Man Prepper Channel.

Lazy Man Prepper . . . . Out

Most of my videos include the following: prepping, survival, bush craft, kids, kids in the woods, outdoor life, fishing, trapping, hunting, sports, hammocks, hammock camping, camping, outdoor gear, outdoor gear reviews, survival kits, kits, gear, knives, knife blades, EDC, Everyday carry, real talk, veterans, veteran, reviews, overviews, neck knives, fixed blades, fire kits, ferro rods, farrel rods, SHTF, Bug out, bug in, and much much more!

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