Paracord Fishing Lure – “Tip Of The Week” E37

How to make a fishing lure with paracord. This easy to make, yet highly effective homemade lure is not only a fun little DIY project, but will catch a wide variety of fish species as well. It’s 2-tone color pattern and simple design make for a deadly combination. It also has the advantage of mimicking several of the proven lures that have been used to catch fish for years (jig, fly, streamer, etc.). In fact, it’s effectiveness is demonstrated in this video. All-in-all, an awesome paracord project that can either simply help save money, or be used in an emergency / survival situation.

* Supplies Needed For Lure:
– 550 Paracord (3″ per lure, any color)
– 1 Fish Hook (size 6-8 preferable)
– Scissors or Knife
– Lighter
IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week” – Episode 37
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