How to finish off a paracord bracelet

3 different methods to finish your paracord bracelets.

1. Cut and singe being the first and most common. Tip: Lightly melt your ends, stop before they turn into a black charred blob. If your ends end up white/transparent you can use a colored sharpie to closely match to the paracord color.

2. Tucking – first method; using a tool (forceps) to pull the loose ends back under the weaves of the bracelet.

3. Tucking – second method; using a paracord fid to weave the loose ends back under the bracelet. Tucking may not work on all types of bracelet designs, but if the bracelet has tight back and forth passes it should work and in my opinion looks a lot nicer.

My fids shown were gotten from The, you can also attempt to make your own may different methods for making them. Hobby lobby recently started carrying paracord supplies, and my local store now has the Jumbo Permalock Needles (in paracord section). Looks like the brass one that I show in the video.

Which ever way you choose to finish off your bracelets, there is no wrong way, it all comes down to personal preference. Be sure to check out my other paracord related videos and I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching.

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