DIY Paracord Net / Hammock Chair

How to make a simple paracord net for use as a backcountry hammock camp chair. This handy DIY net can also serve multiple other uses, such as: A makeshift bush pack, a gear loft for storing and protecting your equipment while in the field, lashing system to attach wet or excess gear to the outside of your backpack, or even as a makeshift cargo net. The net hammock shown in this video has a finished size of 48″ x 36″, and requires 82 feet of cordage (2 main lines 5ft in length, and 9 dropper lines 8ft in length). By making slight variations to the net making technique demonstrated here, you can create a versatile net for many different applications. Depending on the intended usage of the net, you can utilize a wide selection of cordage materials, such as: 550 paracord, fishing line, rope, string, or even naturally made cordage. By simply adjusting the line lengths and spacing of the cross sections you can create a useful net for practically any purpose.

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