Lars Andersen Epic Archery Episode 3

The most amazing archery ever, is described in the Sanskrit epics of ancient India: Mahabharata.
Lars Andersen tries to perform these tricks.

Of course this is not historical archery, but Mahabharata is clearly written by people with great knowledge about archery and knowledge about real historical archery heroes.

Something described may in one way originate in real events that are exaggerated a lot.

I has been trying for several years if these described tricks can be performed in reality

Shoot multiple arrows at the same time:
(also described in other writings)
Whether it’s historical reality can be discussed, it can be done but has a lot of problems
If 3 arrows are shot at the same time, it takes a long time to make the arrows clear, they do not have much power and not high accuracy.
3 arrows shot quickly after each other, can be done faster far more precisely and with very high power.
Perhaps it’s extreme fast shooting that is seen as shooting simultaneous arrows?

Hit a rotating fish in the eye by looking at a reflection:

I tried and it was surprisingly easier than expected
The arrow could certainly have hit more in the middle of the eye, but since the purpose was only to show it could be done so it was not done again.

Hit different things in the air are often described in mahabharata
sword arrows wagon wheel etc.

Please do not try this,ever!!!!!
I had been training hard for years before I even started thinking about this, so do not try yourself.

Hit a machete so it stops:
It could be done but is so unpleasant that I never do it again.

Hit an arrow in the air:
When I first read about this he thought it was impossible, and never anything that was done in history.
But now I has done so many times the last year, so it may be considered whether there may also have been a few Indian historical super archers who have learned the same.
But even if some have, it still very doubtful whether it has been practically applicable as anything but choice for performance trick archery.

The painting 0:55 is from the exciting MAHABHARATA project

Many ask about equipment:
I always build my arrows myself, not modern standard arrows
but different reproductions of historical arrows.
The bows used in this video Végh bow 53 # 28 ”
Grózer 49 # 28 ” and some homemade bows.

Criticism is good
But i remove hateful not funny comments.
I also remove negative and incorrect comments from people who think themselves to be archery experts, but do not know history, physical laws etc..

Lars Andersen

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